Enjoy a perfect low impact deep aqua workout complete with music accompaniment


AquaBike Lite

This is an introductory class as well as a level 1 class suitable for beginners who have not participated in an AquaBike class.

Ideal for participants who are just getting back into exercise regime and for weight loss as well.

Simple coordination of arm movements while cycling with background music to keep you moving and enjoy the class.

For those who are just here to move some joints and muscles without any stress or impact, this is the class for you.

The intensity is easy to moderate.
50minutes class


AquaBike Endure

This level 2 class caters for serious participants who are looking for a higher intensity class.

The class intensity ranges from moderate to high intensity and is sure to get your heart pumping.

Upper body movements are included in the programme to give you a whole body workout.

This class is suitable for participants who want a cross-training alternative for triathlons and marathons.

High calorie burn for weight-loss goals.

50 minutes class
AquaBike equipment
Aqua shoes are required.

Aqua Tabata


This is an aqua aerobics class done in shallow water up to chest depth.

Suitable for all levels of fitness.

This is a cardiovascular and resistance training class.

The level of intensity of the class varies based on the participants’ fitness.

Various aqua fitness equipment; noodle and dumbbells are used in this class for more resistance and variety.

Great total body workout and great for weight loss.

45minutes class
Shallow water
Aqua shoes are advised.



Unique water experience that strengthens and challenges your body.

It is suitable for men and women! Fitness class using a pole in the water.

Lift, pull, kick and scull through the water and over 150 movements and position combinations.

Tone up, burn fat and get stronger core.

Suitable for beginners
50 minutes class
AcquaPole equipment
Shallow water (Depth 1.2m)



Add on a boxing bag to the AcquaPole and we have AcquaPole Boxing class.

Aim, punch and kick onto the boxing bag!

Punch and kick your way to a fitter and leaner new you!

Suitable for beginners
50 minutes class
AcquaPole equipment and boxing bag
Shallow water (Depth 1.2m)

Floating Hitt


This is Aqua High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class in water environment.

This class provides both a cardiovascular and resistance training class all in one!

Reach training peak levels using interval-training format.

This class is suitable for multi-level fitness.

Push, pull, kick and jump in the water, an ideal class for total body workout and weight loss.

Intermediate Level
45minutes class
Shallow water (Depth 1.2m)