Swimming Lessons

Baby & Toddlers Swimming Lessons

Our swimming babies program is for children from 6 months to 3 years old bonding with Mum or Dad in the water. Levels are age and ability based.

We are strong advocates for children to be swimming before they start school and this begins with a dedicated Swimming Babies program. You can expect lots of songs, activities and games to make learn to swim fun for you and your child.

Class Duration : 30 mins

Kids Learn To Swim Lesson

We offer the SwimSafer™ 2.0 programme which aims to teach swimming proficiency and water survival skills to children to minimize drowning incidences in a fun manner.

The six-stage programme includes survival and activity skills taught each stage of the programme, and work progressively towards the next stage.

At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion e-certificate.

The SwimSafer programme is the revised national water safety programme which integrates the National Survival Swimming Award (NASSA) and Learn-To-Swim-programme (LTSP). For Programme details on what would be taught at each stage, click here

Adult Swimming Classes

It’s never too late to start learning to swim! Whatever your needs, YSS will have an adult swimming lessons program for you. For more information about our swimming lessons for adults, find your nearest location or contact us today. YSS also offers adults other ways of remaining fit and enjoying the water in the form of our Aqua Fitness Programs